The Senate of the Institution proceeded to make a decision of significant importance in order to utilize the innovative research results produced at the University of Western Macedonia.

After multi-annual and applied research conducted in the labs of the School of Engineering, the University of Western Macedonia established the first spin-off under the name “METAMIND INNOVATIONS I.K.E”, which is expected to contribute in a variety of ways to the development of the region and the enhancement of the Institution’s competitiveness. The spin-off was created by Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering and by doctoral candidates who are conducting research, financed by European and national funds, under his supervision.

Spin-offs are companies that are founded for the commercial exploitation of the intellectual property produced by the university or by research bodies with the participation of members of the academic community (professors, researchers, students) who contributed to the production of this intellectual property.

The research products that have been developed and are going to be utilized by METAMIND INNOVATIONS concern:

  • Software tracking cyber-attack threats for critical infrastructures
  • Software activating a network of honeypots for critical infrastructures
  • Platform detecting irregularities (stress) in intelligent agriculture applications

The approval of the operation of the spin-off inside the University highlights the high-quality research conducted in its premises, enhances the openness and the interconnection of the institution with the business world and marks its key role in this critical period for the region of the Western Macedonia.