Welcome to MetaMind Innovations

Welcome to MetaMind Innovations

the 1st spin-off of the University of Western Macedonia

the 1st spin-off of the University of Western Macedonia

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MetaMind Innovations designs and delivers secure and customized Internet of Things applications and services for the energy and power systems, healthcare, precision agriculture, smart buildings, and critical infrastructure.

Among specialized IoT application and services, MetaMind Innovations offers:

  • Secure and custom solutions for energy and power infrastructure

  • Cyber-physical software and systems for critical infrastructure

  • Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence analytics as a service

  • Smart city and precision agriculture platforms and solutions

  • Internet of Things and Cybersecurity management and consulting

  • Privacy and GDPR-compliant software engineering

  • Strategic Internet of Things planning for public authorities

Building the Metaverse
of Tomorrow

Inside MetaMind Innovations

Innovative research

Creating NG-IoT solutions, services, technologies and processes for modern applications and critical infrastructures.

Reliable development

Design and support state-of-the-art software that considers the privacy and confidentiality of users.

Custom Solutions

Creative, efficient and reliable solutions that satisfy all customer needs.

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