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MINDS is your bastion of cybersecurity, offering state-of-the-art solutions designed to protect against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity at Minds

Why Minds?

From AI-driven honeypots that deceive attackers to comprehensive monitoring systems that detect anomalies in real-time, our arsenal ensures your digital assets are fortified. With MINDS, embrace cybersecurity confidence, safeguarding your future with cutting-edge defense.


Cybersecurity Tools
MINDS Honeypot as a Service (M-HaaS)

Transform Your Cybersecurity Strategy with M-HaaS: In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding your industrial systems from cyber threats is more crucial than ever. MINDS Honeypot as a Service (M-HaaS) offers an innovative solution to protect your infrastructure by turning the tables on cyber attackers. Designed to emulate industrial devices, M-HaaS cleverly deceives and traps potential intruders, enhancing your cybersecurity measures with cutting-edge technology. Why M-HaaS Stands Out: Advanced Emulation Techniques: Utilizing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), M-HaaS expertly mimics industrial devices like Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). This emulation is not just skin-deep; it captures the essence of device behavior, making it a formidable tool against cyber threats. Intelligent Deployment: At the heart of M-HaaS is the M-HaaS Manager, a sophisticated system that orchestrates the deployment of honeypots. Whether through strategic security games or leveraging Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), it ensures your defense mechanism is always a step ahead, integrating seamlessly with your production environment. Comprehensive Cybersecurity: By incorporating a range of honeypot applications, M-HaaS offers a multi-layered defense strategy. This not only traps attackers but also gathers valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities within your system. Highlights: Protect Industrial Systems: With M-HaaS, ensure your industrial devices are safeguarded against cyber threats with an advanced, deceptive strategy. Advanced AI Technology: Leverage the power of AI to emulate and protect your critical infrastructure, making your cybersecurity measures smarter and more resilient. Innovative Cybersecurity Solution: M-HaaS represents the pinnacle of cybersecurity innovation, offering a dynamic and intelligent way to protect your assets. Elevate Your Cybersecurity with M-HaaS: By combining AI's prowess with deep cybersecurity knowledge, M-HaaS offers a proactive and intelligent approach to safeguarding your industrial systems. Embrace the future of cybersecurity with M-HaaS and ensure your infrastructure remains secure, efficient, and impenetrable.

Cybersecurity Tools

Elevate Your Security Insights with M-RADAR: In today’s interconnected world, visibility is key to safeguarding your digital environment. MINDS RADAR (M-RADAR) is a revolutionary visual-based security solution that empowers businesses to detect and prevent intrusions and anomalies before they escalate. By integrating AI and visual analytics, M-RADAR offers unparalleled clarity and intelligence in cybersecurity management. Why Choose M-RADAR?: Comprehensive Detection: M-RADAR’s arsenal includes a variety of detectors and cybersecurity sensors, such as Snort, Suricata, Nmap, and more. This extensive collection ensures that you receive a comprehensive overview of security logs, normalized and correlated for maximum insight. AI-Powered Analysis: At the core of M-RADAR are its AI-based detectors, utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) technologies. These detectors are specialized in recognizing cyberattacks and anomalies, particularly those affecting industrial communication protocols like Modbus/TCP, DNP3, and others. Visual Analytics for Immediate Action: With its intuitive visual interface, M-RADAR transforms complex data into actionable insights. This allows for quick identification of potential threats, enabling proactive measures to secure your digital landscape. Highlights: Visual-Based Security: M-RADAR offers a new dimension of security insight, making it easier to identify and act on potential threats through visual analytics. AI and Machine Learning: Harness the power of AI to detect anomalies and cyberattacks with unprecedented accuracy, keeping your networks safe. Advanced Cybersecurity Protection: M-RADAR integrates the latest in cybersecurity technology, offering a robust solution for protecting against digital intrusions. Secure Your Digital Frontier with M-RADAR: MINDS RADAR is not just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in your cybersecurity efforts. By blending cutting-edge AI with comprehensive visual analytics, M-RADAR transforms the way businesses approach digital security. Protect your operations with the smart, intuitive, and powerful capabilities of M-RADAR, and stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Tools
MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard

Streamline Your Network Management with MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard: In the digital age, managing your network efficiently and securely is paramount. The MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard offers a groundbreaking solution that simplifies network management, providing a comprehensive visual overview of your network's status while enabling the enforcement of complex policies across a variety of hardware and software devices. Key Features of MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard: Comprehensive Network Overview: Gain a clear, visual insight into your network's health and performance. Our dashboard allows for easy monitoring and management of network activities, ensuring you can quickly address any issues that arise. Advanced Policy Enforcement: Implement complex network policies with ease. The MINDS SDN Controller seamlessly integrates with various devices, allowing for sophisticated management capabilities that ensure your network remains secure and efficient. State-of-the-Art Testbed: Experience the future of network management with our advanced SDN testbed. Featuring a range of industrial-grade equipment and a high-performance computing infrastructure, our solution emulates real-world environments, offering unparalleled testing opportunities. Highlights: Simplify Network Management: With the MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard, streamline your network operations, ensuring efficiency and security with our easy-to-use visual dashboard. Next-Level Policy Control: Leverage our advanced controller for sophisticated policy enforcement across your network, enhancing security and performance. Innovative Network Solutions: Embrace the future of networking with our cutting-edge SDN testbed, designed to simulate real-world environments and optimize your network management strategy. Optimize Your Network with MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard: The MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard redefines network management, offering an intuitive, powerful solution for today’s complex digital environments. With its comprehensive overview and advanced policy enforcement capabilities, it's an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their network efficiency and security. Elevate your network management strategy with the MINDS SDN Controller & Dashboard and navigate the digital world with confidence.

Cybersecurity Tools
MINDS Federated BOX (F-BOX)

Revolutionize Your Threat Detection with MINDS Federated BOX: In an era where digital threats are increasingly sophisticated, your cybersecurity measures must evolve. MINDS Federated BOX (F-BOX) is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a cutting-edge solution that leverages deep learning models and AI to detect and differentiate threats and cyberattacks with unprecedented precision. Why F-BOX Is a Game-Changer: Advanced Threat Detection: F-BOX utilizes network traffic data and system logs to power its deep intrusion and anomaly detection models. These models operate at a federated level, allowing for a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of potential threats. AI-Driven Security: By incorporating multiple deep learning models, F-BOX offers a smarter approach to cybersecurity. It analyzes vast amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies that signify potential security breaches. Collaborative Defense: F-BOX represents a federated approach to security, where data and insights are shared across systems without compromising privacy. This collaborative effort enhances the detection capabilities and strengthens the overall security posture. Highlights: Enhanced Cybersecurity: With F-BOX, elevate your cybersecurity strategy using AI and deep learning to detect threats with accuracy and efficiency. Intelligent Threat Identification: Harness the power of AI to identify and differentiate between types of cyber threats, ensuring your defenses are always a step ahead. Collaborative Security Solution: F-BOX introduces a new era of cybersecurity, where collaboration and intelligence lead to a stronger, more resilient defense mechanism. Secure Your Digital Assets with MINDS Federated BOX: The MINDS Federated BOX is not just a tool; it's a strategic asset in your cybersecurity arsenal. Designed to meet the challenges of modern cyber threats, F-BOX combines the latest in AI and machine learning technology to provide a sophisticated, collaborative defense mechanism. Embrace the future of cybersecurity with F-BOX and protect your digital assets with confidence.

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