NERO Digital Europe Programme

Advanced cybersecurity Awareness ecosystem for SMEs


Project Details

  • Project Number: 101127411
  • Type Of Project: DIGITAL JU SME Support Actions
  • Call Identifier: DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • CORDIS Link: -

NERO is an advanced Cybersecurity Ecosystem consisting of five interrelated frameworks provisioned to offer a Cybersecurity Awareness program, as recommended by ENISA to be the best way to educate and develop a security-first culture amongst employees on how to mitigate the impact of cyber threats and incorporate activities, resources, and training to foster a cyber security culture. NERO primarily provides SMEs with a Cyber Immunity Toolkit Repository, Cyber Resilience Program, and Cyber Awareness Training via Gamification and provides its modules through a user-friendly Marketplace. The effectiveness and the performance of the concept will be validated in three use case demonstrations on different domains: Enhancing Patient Data Security in Healthcare through Cybersecurity Tools; Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience through Cybersecurity Awareness in the Transportation and Logistics Industry; and Boosting Financial Security through Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness and Tools.